Engage the Media

Engage Media

When it comes to making changes in your community, the media can be a strong ally. Raise awareness, gather support for your cause and generate action by sharing your story with local news organizations. Here's how to get started:

Media 101
To help you reach out to the media, we've created a quick "how to" guide that outlines the basic steps to writing a news release, scheduling a meeting with your local editorial board and writing a letter to the editor. Find these and more tips using the link below.
Find Media in Your Area
Building a media contact list is an important early step in media outreach. But first, you must decide which members of the media you wish to reach. A quick Google search for media in your area will help you collect contact information for reporters, editors, editorial page editors, columnists, radio talk shows, bloggers and more.
Send a Letter to the Editor
Letters to the Editor are an effective way to share your views. The most effective letters are short and to the point. Be sure to reference the news story or opinion piece on which you are commenting. Use our customizable letter to the editor about Shape Your World and adapt it for your local newspaper.
Send a Meeting Request to a Columnist
Newspaper columnists are influential writers of commentary whose columns usually appear on the opinion pages of your local newspaper. Meeting with a leading columnist can be an important step toward influencing what others think about the built environment changes taking place in North Carolina. Use the customizable email at the link below to request a meeting with your local newspaper columnist.
Send a Meeting Request to an Editorial Board
Meeting with your newspaper's editorial board encourages your newspaper to editorialize on improving the built environment in North Carolina. Use the customizable email available below to request an editorial board meeting at your newspaper. Send your email to the head of the newspaper's editorial board, usually the editorial page editor.
Real Stories of Change in North Carolina
From Sparta to Wilmington and Charlotte to Manteo, learn what is happening as North Carolinians take a more active role in building their communities. These are real-life stories of change taking place in North Carolina as told through the eyes and voices of North Carolinians in their own words. Be sure to share these stories with the media as well as your partners.

Read about North Carolinians who are achieving change in their neighborhoods.

Do you have a story to share? We want to hear it.