Engage Your Community

Making community change is easier when you have help. Choose your cause, connect with like-minded residents and begin Shaping Your World. There are multiple ways to accomplish your goals. They include:

  • Engaging local planning boards
  • Partnering with businesses and organizations
  • Finding an existing coalition
  • Engaging the media
Engage Your Local Planning Boards

If you want to help shape your community, then you need to make your voice heard to those in leadership. Check out your local planning board meeting — that’s where the action is. Tell them your ideas and build a case to support your cause. An hour of your time can make a world of difference. If you don’t shape your world, then someone else will shape it for you.

  • ACT Now: Find your next local planning board meeting. Most county boards meet monthly or bimonthly. It’s easy to find when your county board will be meeting next. You can simply do a Google search by typing in ‘planning board meeting + the name of your county.’ For example, if you live in Winston-Salem, type in: planning board meeting + Forsyth County.
  • ACT Now: Attend your next local planning board meeting. Listen and find out what they’re planning. Decide if it’s what you want, too. Usually there is an open session for residents to speak up and share their ideas. So speak up. Tell them your ideas to improve the built environment and why it’s important to you — and to your community!
Partner With Businesses & Organizations

Remember, businesses are members of your community, too. Businesses employ members of your community and rely on others to thrive. In addition, a growing number of companies are choosing where to locate based on whether a community is healthy and safe. By working with businesses that have the resources and desire to make a difference, you’re more likely to achieve success.

Begin by making a list of businesses and organizations that would make good partners. Then, contact these organizations with a plan that outlines what you are proposing, the ways they can benefit and how you would like them to be involved.

Find an Existing Coalition in Your Area

There are many coalitions in North Carolina that are already working to improve our state. Some coalitions you might want to connect with are:

Working with a local coalition can add support and credibility to your efforts.

JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING where you live and we’ll help you get in touch with organizations in your area.