The places where you live, work, learn and play are all a part of your built environment. When you see opportunities to improve these places, it’s time to Shape Your World. Take an inventory of what could be improved and use our resources to determine the appropriate next steps.

Look around your community.

The places where you live, work, learn, pray and play are all a part of your built environment. Take an inventory of what you like and don’t like in these places.

Find out if your community has the things you want.

How easy is it to walk around in your town? Do you feel cialis canada connected to your neighbors? Look at the overall design and functionality of your community, including its walkability and bikeability. Use these checklists and tools to help you:

Think about what you would like to see changed.

Is there a vacant lot or eyesore in your town? Could it be converted to something beautiful and useful like a community buy generic cialis garden or playground? This is your chance to re-imagine your community.

Talk to your family and neighbors.

Find out what they like and don’t like. Chances are they feel the same way you do.

Learn what other North Carolinians are doing to shape their world.

There’s a lot happening in North Carolina. People just like you are stepping up to make their communities better places to live in. They may have ideas that will inspire you, too.

Once you see your buy cialis no prescription world and what you want it to look like, then you can take the next steps to connect with others and take action.