Super Sidewalks

Their World: Asheboro, Randolph County

How They Shaped It: When city, business and faith leaders in Asheboro set out to reinvent the downtown area, their first order of business was to make it more walkable. The coalition applied for and received a Fit Community grant to create eight downtown walking routes. The effort helped repair and extend key sidewalks to enhance safety, encourage walking and increase routes to specific destinations.

Their Successes:

  • Established a line item in the city budget for sidewalk repair
  • Created a line-item within their budget to establish the position of an Active Living Coordinator, which would be funded by the city after the grant ended
  • Established a formal agreement with the police department to enhance traffic speed enforcement and established walking patrols around the walking route areas
  • Conducted walking programs for members of the target audience - senior citizens who attend the four downtown churches or live at the downtown senior housing
  • Reviewed leash laws in an effort to increase overall pedestrian safety

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