Growing Healthy Kids

Their World: Black Mountain, Buncombe County

How They Shaped It: We all want our kids to eat better, but kids are bombarded with unhealthy food options. Kids’ fast food meals are designed to capture children’s attention and never let go. This is why a local physician in Black Mountain came up with the clever idea to utilize his garden and partner with local schools to inspire children to eat healthier.

Together they applied for a grant that allowed for the development of a community garden that acts as an interactive learning tool for schools. Children use the garden to plant and pick nutritious vegetables, making healthy food fun. The schools also implemented an instructional program to coach children on the benefits of healthy diets. This inventive program allowed the children in Black Mountain to get excited about healthy eating and it inspired healthy dietary habits across the town.

Their Successes:

  • Creating an edible landscape: The school garden offers an opportunity for children to grow healthy foods.
  • Portable demonstration kitchen: The portable kitchen offers an interactive and flexible way to show school children how to prepare and eat healthy foods.
  • Healthy eating resource library at the community center: The library provides the community center with resources on eating healthy to give children and adults the opportunity to learn more about healthy practices.