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Eyesore Inspires Exercise

Their World: Burnsville, Yancey County

How They Shaped It: The old school gym provided Burnsville residents plenty of memories over the years. However, due to lack of attention it had begun to fall apart and was no longer safe for the community. Thanks to a few dedicated individuals, the gym was able to give back to the community one last time when residents initiated the "Project Live Active in Yancey" (PLAY).

This initiative directed efforts to enhance areas of activity, improve connectivity and increase safety. They were able to acquire new equipment, restore and renovate their gym, and come together in a community-wide effort to increase overall activity.

Their Successes:

  • Providing resources for the community to stay active: They renovated the old gym, installed new playground equipment, and enhanced the local park
  • Inspired safety changes: The speed limit outside the park was decreased from 35 mph to 25 mph
  • Came together as a community: Implemented the "Fit Families Walking Tour" community program