A Road More Traveled

Their World: Wilmington, New Hanover County

How They Shaped It: Who would turn down the opportunity to save money and be more connected to great food while getting valuable exercise? Not the residents in Wilmington. Here, locals worked together to create an innovative thoroughfare called Bike Boulevard. The boulevard connects cyclists to downtown Wilmington as well as the Farmer's Market. Residents even established an attractive discount voucher program for anyone who uses a bicycle to access the market. Wilmington's clever answer to health concerns has effectively revitalized community and inspired more health-conscious behavior.

Their Successes:

  • Residents became healthier and more connected to the community
  • Healthy behavior was incentivized through a voucher program
  • The entire city experienced a noticeable uptick in cycling and health living

Photo courtesy of Wilmington/Cape Fear Convention and Visitor’s Bureau