Breathing New Life into a Familiar Park

Their World: Burlington, Alamance County

How They Shaped It: A child’s health and well-being is always a top priority. However, no parent would put children at risk for a little bit of exercise. When parents in Burlington looked at North Park, they saw potential for a fun and exciting environment. But they wanted to make the park safer before letting their children play. Together, the parents and Parks and Recreation Department secured a grant to develop connections between the park and nearby neighborhoods. What followed were valuable programs and facilities that engaged the community.

Their Successes:

  • Parents minds were eased thanks to traffic-calming projects, sidewalk enhancements, driveway repairs, and a new 4-way stop intersection
  • Park-use increased following the installation of new bike racks and an enhanced walking trail
  • A new dance studio in the park introduced fun programs and activities, including the popular arcade game, Dance-Dance Revolution