How Generosity Can Build a Playground

Their World: Henderson, Vance County

How They Shaped It: Good things happen when a long-time community member makes a charitable donation. In Vance County, that community member was Mrs. Carol King Franklin. When her house burned to the ground, she chose not to rebuild. Instead, Carol donated her lot to the city of Henderson—her only wish being that a playground be built on the property. Following her request, a coalition of churches, the Faith to Freedom Project Inc. and the Vance County Working on Wellness (WoW!) Coalition teamed up to raise the money to build a new playground in the low-income neighborhood.

Their Successes:

  • Received an Eat Smart, Move More Community Grant and secured additional funding from multiple local partners
  • Constructed King’s Kids Park, a 9,100 square foot playground for the 1,600 residents living within walking distance
  • Ensured future maintenance and protection for the park by leasing the lot to the Parks and Recreation Department