Bringing Bikes Back to the Daily Commute

Their World: Salisbury, Rowan County

How They Shaped It: Dan Mikkelson, Director of Land Development for the city of Salisbury, is a convening member of the Bike Plan Work Group. He believes that cycling is a quick and healthy way to get around—one that reduces driving costs and benefits the environment. To encourage cycling, he and his committee worked to resurface roadways, address on-street parking issues and install bike crossings throughout the city. His efforts prove how one community can change their built environment for the better.

Their Successes:

  • Encouraged bicycle commutes, including National Bike-to-Work Week in May, 2011, by working with the League of American Bicyclists on a month-long national promotion
  • Developed the City of Salisbury’s Vision 2020 Plan for the promotion of bikeways and cycling opportunities