Sidewalks in the Name of Science

Their World: Marion, McDowell County

How They Shaped It: The students of West McDowell Junior High love hands-on learning. Walking to the Catawba River for science experiments or visiting Round Hill to learn about the McDowell and Carson families are among their most meaningful activities. However, the students needed a safer way to access these areas. So, they began a letter-writing campaign to NCDOT to request dedicated sidewalks to the greenway. In September 2011, their effort and enthusiasm helped secure the construction of two new pathways that will provide direct access from the campus to the greenway.

Their Successes:

  • Developed a student-run letter-writing campaign coordinated by instructors Tracy Childers and Melanie Shaver
  • Worked with Marion City Council and the N.C. Department of Transportation to gain approval for the construction of a new crosswalk and sidewalk